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Why Hutchins?

We believe Hutchins can offer your son a unique learning experience in an environment specifically designed for boys’ education.

Why a boys school?

There is extensive research into the way that boys and girls learn and it is now evident that boys and girls do learn differently for biological and educational reasons. Boys learn more easily through movement and visual experience and also mature at a different rate to girls. For more information about boys’ learning please visit the .

Choosing a boys school has many advantages. At Hutchins we provide learning spaces specifically designed for teaching boys, this includes providing resources and designing programs that meet the education developmental needs of boys. We employ teachers who are passionate about teaching boys and who receive continuous professional development in best practice, innovative and creative learning for boys. Tailored programs allow for the use of books and curricular materials that enthuse boys.

Interaction with girls is of great importance and this is achieved socially through drama, activities and events whilst still giving the boys the opportunity to learn independently in an environment tailored for them. In Years 11–12 a unique co-operating schools model exists where boys may attend subjects at our sister school St Michael’s Collegiate and our co-operating school Fahan School. This provides students with the best of both worlds from a socialisation and subject availability perspective.

Why choose Hutchins?

We provide a supportive learning community that works together to nurture character of boys. Character is at the heart of everything we do. As a community, we aspire to be people of integrity who act with humility, kindness, courage and respect. We do this by:

  • providing inspiring and innovative teachers who are passionate about teaching boys
  • embracing a commitment to kindness that underpins all activities associated with the School and instils the belief of What You Do Matters
  • providing a structured environment with boundless opportunities
  • providing the boys with the opportunity to be critical and creative thinkers
  • creating an environment where boys can become active and engaged global citizens
  • focusing on boys wellbeing

What sets us apart

  • your son will experience an outstanding education specifically designed for boys from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 all on the one campus. Outside School Hours Care, including Vacation Care, is also available on this campus
  • a comprehensive academic offering
  • an extensive co-curricular program including Music, Performing Arts, Debating, Sports and Duke of Edinburgh
  • a unique Power of 9 program to prepare boys for Years 10, 11, 12 and beyond
  • The John Bednall Centre for Excellence which provides learning support and extension programs.
  • an unparalleled Information, Communications and Technologies educational arena
  • a history of outstanding academic success including 24 Rhodes Scholars
  • state-of-the-art facilities including a newly completed Early Learning Centre extension

We invite you to come and explore the opportunities we provide for boys to become their best.

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To learn more about the opportunities we provide for boys to become their best, contact our Enrolments Assistant, submit an online Enquiry form or phone 03 6221 4236. We encourage you to book a tour with our Registrar as this is the best way to see our School in action. Read more…