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The Hutchins School has two sub-school information resource centres – the Stephens Library for Early Learning Centre, Junior and Middle Schools, and the Nettlefold Library in the Senior School. There are also several departmental resource collections across the Early Learning Centre, Junior, Middle and Senior School, as well as the Marieville Esplanade campus.

The library catalogue is . The library e-books are accessed through the and e-platforms. The library research skill and subject guides are .

Our Mission

In supporting The Hutchins School’s vision to provide an inspirational education where each student strives to achieve his personal best and is willing to serve his community as an informed and active citizen, the mission of the Hutchins libraries is to empower the students to become effective information users, confident readers and independent and creative lifelong learners.

The libraries’ information services are central to the teaching and learning programs of the School. They provide up-to-date physical and online resources, operating online 24/7 to the Hutchins community through the catalogue, and portal. is the library management system employed across all libraries.

The library team are proactive in their partnership with classroom teachers and the IT specialists to ensure the integration of literature and a reading culture, information and rich media literacies, ICT and digital technologies to support all students in their research, learning and recreational reading.

F E Technologies’ RFID (radio frequency identification) electronic tagging technology has been adopted in the Nettlefold and Stephens Libraries. All members of the library staff are highly qualified in varying aspects of librarianship including Library & Information Studies, Teacher-Librarianship and Education.

Academic integrity

The Hutchins School ensures that all students understand academic integrity. In-text referencing and end bibliographical skills are taught at Hutchins and Turnitin is integrated into our online learning platform Rory, with an educative approach to avoiding plagiarism. Other resources used for academic integrity are the availability of printed information sheets, embedded referencing presentations, the provision of a , access to online software and mobile applications for citing and creating references and the use of the .

Nettlefold Library

The Nettlefold Library, named in honour of Mr Len Nettlefold, a distinguished Old Boy, is located in the Senior School and serves students in Years 9–12. The Nettlefold Library houses reference works, fiction, curriculum and online resources. Extensive information services enable students to research and access digital resources with smart technology systems.

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 8.10am to 4.00pm
Friday: 8.10am to 4.00pm

Staff contact details

Stephens Library

The Stephens Library is named in honour of a former Hutchins vice master, , and caters to students from pre-K to Year 8. All Junior School and Early Learning Centre students have at least one lesson each week in the Stephens Library. There is an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction resources and equipment available for student use, plus a variety of lunchtime activities.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8.10am to 4.00pm

Staff contact details

Hutchins Digital Library services

The Hutchins Libraries provide access to a variety of digital library services. We have two library platforms,  and , which provide ebooks and audiobooks to students from Years 3 to 12. Other services include tools to promote academic integrity, ClickView video streaming platform, information databases to support research and digital pathfinders to support the classroom curriculum.

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